Black Lives Matter.

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It took me too long to figure out how to write this.

As a white woman, I felt I had no right to speak out against injustice I’ve never experienced. I’ve never been uneasy or afraid of the police. I’ve never personally witnessed police brutality. I’ve never been discriminated against because of the color of my skin. However, seeing the videos and hearing the anger across the country in the midst of what are already extraordinary times made me realize it’s important to speak out. Beyond George Floyd, Breonna Taylor & Eric Garner and other high-profile cases, there are thousands more who have been brutalized without being caught on camera. I stand with Black Lives Matter, because until black lives matter, no lives matter.

I’ve compiled some lists for those in the Bay Area looking to support black-owned businesses. This is incomplete, please email me with more to add to this list.

Black-owned Bay Area Wedding Vendors:

Black-owned Bay Area (shop local)Creative BusinessesRestaurantsEthos West Collective

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