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The unfortunate reality is, most of the old analog formats are becoming difficult to preserve. After all, old equipment breaks. Finding tools to convert or even view 8mm film, video8, miniDV & VHS tapes are becoming increasingly expensive. No one wants to be stuck with an outdated format that can’t be enjoyed. Who knows what you might find on some forgotten tape in the back of the closet? With digital you can be sure that your keepsakes will stay safe, so you can enjoy them well into the future. 

Memory Lane

See that cute kid with the big toothy grin? That’s me. Well, that’s me at six years old. My family took hours of video of me growing up. My parents made sure to catch my first steps, my grade school achievements, and all those once in a lifetime moments. But as time went on it became more and more difficult to keep that precious media safe from wear and tear. Equipment breaks down, film decays, and VHS wears out. To keep those memories intact there’s only one thing to do: go digital

The Personal Touch

Some of these old formats are fragile so you want someone you can trust. As a local photographer, I handle all my clients’ media with care and personally do all the digital conversions. I understand these memories are irreplaceable and I am dedicated to treating them with the respect they deserve. Furthermore, during these difficult times, no-contact pickup of your film can be arranged in the Bay Area. At $25 dollars per tape or film, plus shipping, you can preserve your memories forever. Inquire about bulk rates.

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