Planning your wedding during the COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Research, research, research!

There are some great websites for finding venues. When I was planning my wedding, I found Wedding Spot to be especially helpful as it shows what budget to expect for each venue. Venues may not know exactly when they’ll open next, but can still answer many of your questions. Similarly, photographers, videographers & DJs can do video chats as well as phone calls with you to answer questions and get to know you. I always recommend potential couples meet in person or video chat before signing a contract with a photographer. The photographer will be with you all day, and it’s important you mesh well.

2. Ask for recommendations

Already have a vendor or two? Ask if they have any recommendations in other areas. I keep a list of vendors for exactly this purpose. Having worked so many weddings, you get to know a lot of people in the industry who are absolutely worth praising.

3. Check your contracts

All the vendors you reach out to should be happy to share their contracts with you prior to signing. Pay close attention to any rescheduling or cancellation policies, and be sure to ask if they’d be willing to work with you in case of a government mandated closure of your venue.

4. Start ring shopping now

Many ring manufacturers are located overseas and may have extended lead times for their product. Additionally, websites like Brilliant Earth offer ethical rings online with high resolution photos and above board pricing (if you’ve ever tried to price shop rings from a shopping mall retailer, you’ll know clear pricing is a welcome option!)

5. Postpone, elope, or cancel?

No one wants to have to cancel their wedding. However, I’m hearing stories from all over of couples getting married in their living room and live streaming to their families. Or, depending on the regulations in your area, go elope in the woods. Remember, the important thing isn’t the wedding itself, it’s your commitment to your partner. You can always throw a big bash later.

Remember to stay safe & stay healthy in body & soul.